False Ceiling Structures


Since profile is often employed for false ceiling and regarding the frequency of false ceiling implementation, F47 is one of the most widely used profile in drywall system. Due to panel placing and clip alignment, quality is of great importance in the above product and considering the high sensitivity of these structure , our experts have a special look to this product and following control tests , we are now offering a top_ quality product to market.


This profile is a member of runner profile range. Due to resistive notches its UH36 is a supplementary profile. This profile is optional between 0.5mm and 0.6mm thick.


This profile according to its type of structure coordinates other profiles alignment. Hence it has undergone a very sensitive production process. Special sensors guarantee the product full automatic quality tests. Then profiles are counted by machine and sent 20-piece packs to packaging unit where they are prepared for loading.

سپری کلیک


 The main phase of ceiling implementation in this system and components are coordinated base on the order of the punches in the structure, therefore the punches in this profile are very accurate.

Click T1200 is the second phase in this system which is operated by clicking punches aforementioned, placed, so that the system is prepared for the next structure to be attached. This profile is 1200 mm long and has a punch and the thickness of galvanized _ metal sheets is 0.3mm and its color-coated sheet is 0.25mm thick.

Click T600 is the third phase of this system that forms the location of 60×60 meshes. This profile is 600 mm long and its galvanized metal sheets are 0.30 mm thickness and its colored coated sheet is 0.25 mm thickness.


This structure is load bearing in this system. This section uses a colored-sheet with the default color of the ceiling which is 0.4 mm thickness.



This kind of ceiling tiles which is produced in 2 kinds of Regular & Acoustic in 600*600mm dimensions. So, because of soundproof property of acoustic tiles it will be recommended for cinemas - theatre saloons and offices. This kind of tiles produce in 3 kind of Regular, Irregular, Ordered and disordered leaky.

دریچه هوا

 visor valve

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